Hot Stone Massage

Ready for a Relaxing Massage?

Hot Stone Massage uses specialized stones called basalt stones. These stones hold heat, helping to create a deep tissue massage to work tight, knotted muscles and release tension. Hot stone massage is relaxing and has many health benefits.

Placing and kneading hot stones over muscles helps increase an area’s circulation and blood flow to stimulate healing to painful or damaged muscles. The deep tissue massage and heat of the stones also aid in the ability to move toxins and waste through the body

Hot Stone Massage Pricing

  • $110 – 60 minute session
  • $150 – 90 minute session

Add Cupping Therapy to any massage for only $10.00!!!

What our clients are saying about us

“Nice staff, nice clean location. Arianna did a great job listening to exactly what I wanted. I have had bad experiences with massages at other places but she did a great job. I had a lot of pain which she was able to relieve. Great experience!”