Fitness & Prevention

Fitness & Prevention

Prevention is Preferable To a Cure

Fitness and prevention are foremost in all of our activities and treatments. Under our expert guideance, you will learn individualized stretches and exercise techniques for at-home-care to keep you feeling your best between visits to our studio.

Follow these five golden rules to maintain optimum health

Practical tip No. 1: Proper stretching

  • Gaining flexibility is about the frequency of the stretch more than the duration.
  • Stretching can be done as often as once an hour throughout the day.
  • Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds and repeat as many times as possible throughout the day.

Practical tip No. 2: Icing sore muscles

  • When icing, be sure to put a towel between the ice and your skin.
  • If the ice is too cold, it will only freeze the top layers of skin and will not penetrate deep into the muscles.
  • Ice affected areas for 20 minutes on and 30 minutes off until the inflamation or pain decreases.
  • Do not heat inflamed muscles. Always ice.

Practical tip No. 3: Consistency is key

  • When it comes to your health care, your body knows when you get out of your routine.
  • Set up a regular routine for massage, stretching, and icing.
  • Continue your routine even after ailments have been relieved to prevent them from returning.
  • Prevention is better (and more enjoyable) than fixing a problem that has already developed.
  • Suggested routines can be provided during a consultation with one of our skilled team members.

Practical tip No. 4: Foam Rolling

  • Foam rolling is a technique done by rolling your tight muscles on a firm foam roll to relase tension in the muscles and gain flexibility.
  • This process has some pain associated in the beginning, however with time it will become easier as the muscle tension is being relieved.
  • Foam rolls can be purchased online or through a store such as REI or Target for under $30.
  • DVDs demonstrating proper instruction can also be found for sale or you can search “foam roll technique for (fill in the sore muscle)” on

Practical tip No. 5: Drink more water!

  • Keeping your body hydrated will help you perform better throughout the day.
  • Water helps you maintain your skin elasticity as well as prevents fatigue.
  • If you are not drinking enough water, your body is burning calories at a slower rate.
  • More water will help speed up your metabolism and give you more energy.

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