Prenatal Arvigo Massage

Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy for pregnancy is a combination of:


  • Non-invasive techniques applied to the abdomen, sacrum, coccyx, and low back.
  • Herbal tea remedies.
  • Wearing a faja.
  • Diet recommendations.
  • Self-care massage at home.

Prenatal Arvigo Massage Pricing

  • $150 – 90 minute follow up
  • $100 – 60 minute follow up

Packages are available for purchase at a discounted rate.

Ready-Set-Go: Arvigo® Therapy session that can be done once the doctor has given the okay for the baby to arrive. This helps position and loosen everything into optimal placement so that the baby can arrive smoothly and labor can be shorter and more efficient.

"I've seen them twice for Mayan abdominal massage. I really enjoy the combination of abdominal and sacral work and find it very balancing. I would recommend her to anyone needing some nurturing touch."


Benefits and Recommended Frequency of Arvigo® Therapy

Benefits of Arvigo® Therapy prior to pregnancy:

  • Reposition uterus to optimal placement.
  • Loosens fascia.
  • Reduces limitations due to scar tissue (from cesarean or other abdominal surgery).
  • Allows for better blood flow to the abdominal and reproductive organs.
  • Encourages nerve communication between the thoracic and sacral spine and the digestive and reproductive organs.

Why receive Arvigo® Therapy prior to pregnancy:

  • The fertilized egg needs optimal conditions inside the uterus.
  • The baby needs a clean, optimal environment to grow in.
  • Once pregnancy does occur, as the baby grows, the other organs get compressed.
  • Ligaments need to be free to move.
  • Relaxes the pudendal nerve.

Benefits of Arvigo® Therapy during Pregnancy:

  • Improved digestion with better absorption and elimination of waste.
  • Relief of pain and discomforts during pregnancy.
  • Improved blood flow to pelvic floor muscles and baby.
  • Reduces tension and anxiety.
  • Decreases first trimester nausea.
  • Decreases pain from sciatic or hip misalignment.
  • Increased circulation of blood and lymph to sacrum.
  • Increased oxytocin during massage to support love.
  • Protection of uterine ligaments from exaggerated stretching.
  • Improved fetal position for birth; provides baby the optimal easy way out

Benefits of Arvigo® Therapy during Labor and Birthing:

  • Increased efficiency of labor from active labor to birth.
  • Increased confidence in mother by increasing oxytocin.
  • Can help with an overall smoother, easier, shorter birth process.
  • Can help with ease of birth and decrease risk of tears.
  • Connection between mother and baby has been cemented through self-care.

Recommended frequency for Arvigo® Therapy:

  • Prior to pregnancy: 1 to 2x/month
  • During 1-20 weeks: 1x/month
  • During 20-36 weeks: 2x/month
  • During 36-40 weeks: 1x/week

“My husband bought me a pre-natal massage for my birthday when I was pregnant and Amy was absolutely wonderful! I would definitely come back to her now since my first experience was so positive."